"When I search, I want my website to appear at the top of the list..."

websites that attract and engage people - and search engines

Quality, well-written content will appeal to your customers - and the search engines.

You want your website to be found

We hear that phrase from most of our customers.  They want their website to be found when people search for their type of business.  The best way to achieve a high ranking with the search engines is to have high quality content - and the more of it, the better.  Aside from that, there are things to do when designing the website that will make it friendlier to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is more art than science

Foothills Data websites are designed to be friendly and accessible to the search engines.  We use the latest techniques for appealing to search engine 'crawlers' and update our design strategy on an ongoing basis.

Your keywords are the key

We'll help you find the perfect keywords to lead visitors to your site. Search Engine Optimization involves using your keywords in your pages, apt title tags, descriptive meta tags - for every page of your site. Most important is the adept use of keywords in the copy of your website. Quality, well-written content will appeal to your customers and will also attract the interest of the search engines.

Flashy graphics and complex designs mean nothing to the search engines

Search engines overlook complex, showy graphics and ornate page designs. They focus on the text on your site to determine how to rank it. Your visitors also need clear, concise text to decide if your products or services are right for them.

How can I make sure that my website gets found when people search for my kind of products and services?

Quality content, and plenty of it.

There is no substitute. Make sure your site is well-written with quality, usable information for your target audience.

The right keywords and correct page structure.

Make sure your pages (meta tags, titles, keyword density, alt tags, filenames, etc.) are structured in a way recommended by Google and other search engines.

Back-links and
Pay Per Click

The more websites that link to your website, the higher your site will rank with search engines. Pay per click advertising gives you greater control over the searches that return your site.

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