The website design process...

websites that are a perfect fit

Getting a website is like getting fitted for a new suit of clothes - we make sure your new site is a perfect fit.

A Website Is Like A Tailor-Made Business Suit

Working with a web designer to develop your website is something like working with a tailor to get a tailor-made business suit.  You have to give a lot feedback; tell your designer where it needs to be tightened up, and where you need more room.  Tell him or her if it scratches or rubs you the wrong way.  Tell him what you like and dislike. Let him know when you are satisfied and ready to put your new site on the web.

Our web design process involves several important steps to help us deliver a site that fits your business needs perfectly.

We will gather facts about your business and your vision for your site.

  • What would you like your website to accomplish?
  • What is your target audience?  Who will buy your products or services?
  • What are the similar websites you like?  And don't like?
  • What are your keywords?  List at least 12 words to describe your business, or that people might type in to search for your business.
  • List a couple of your competitors websites.
  • Do you have business brochures, promotional literature, etc.?
  • What features do you know that you want your website to include?
We will build a prototype website for you that you can view online, live, in real-time - on a private area of that only you can access.  This lets you see first hand what your website is going to look and behave like once it is published.

FHD will test, evaluate, optimize and fine-tune the site.

We'll make sure it works correctly in all the major browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  We will tweak the site to make it search engine friendly.

We take your new website public on the web, under your own domain name (

This is when your website goes live.  At this point you are on the web and your customers can start finding your site, and finding your business, products, and services.
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